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Learn about some of our amazing petfood tips and tricks including how to make your own petfood, what food is good for your pet and much much more!


Discover how best to train your pet. Your beloved furry companion not behaving as well as you want? Take a look at some of this information on how to train them.


How is your amazing fuzzball. Not so amazing huh. Need to get your pet in line, or is your pet still making messes? Discover how to rear and get your pet in line.

Learn more about your pet that you ever believe

Here you can learn to train your pet. Is your pet giving you trouble?  Enough we will show you how to train your pet. Worried about your precious four legged companion?  Worry no more we have the latest pet news and things to watch out for to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Discover new information about your pets

Here at  pet care alerts,

    • Learn how to make homemade dog food…
    • … how to get your cat to stop spraying
    • ….how to train your pet
    • …The secret behind a well behaved pet
    • And much much more.

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Here at pet care alerts we always have the latest way to train your pet. We have the latest news and information and much much more.

Do you want to train your pet? We can handle that.

Do you want to get your dog on healthy diet we handle that to.

Do you need to get your cat to stop spraying everywhere? We will teach you how.

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  • Get your cat to stop spraying

    Learn how to get your cat to stop spraying and learn how to keep your cats messes in the litter box where they belong!

  • Dog Training

    Having trouble walking your dog? Your dog is too much to handle when you walk him. Learn how to deal with a dog puller today!